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Faculty/Staff Links
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Mulrennan Middle School
4215 Durant Road
Valrico, FL 33596
Phone: (813) 651-2100
Fax: (813) 651-2104

Administrative Staff
Principal - Tim Ducker
Assistant Principal - Beverly Burnett
Ext. 226
Assistant Principal - Keith Fantauzzo
Ext. 229
Principal's Secretary - Deanna Harwell
Ext. 223
Guidance Secretary - Beverly Knoffer
Ext. 237
Student Affairs Secretary - Susan Shea
Ext. 232
Data Processor - Gloria Brathwaite
Ext. 228
Bookkeeper - Yadira Talamantez
Ext. 230
Health Assistant - Wendy Federico
Ext. 242
Lunchroom Manager - Premdai Hansraj
Ext. 245

Guidance Counselors
Tammy Alva-6th grade
Ext. 239
Kimberley Welsh-7th grade
Ext. 240
Mary Moore-8th grade
Ext. 238

Bilingual Paraprofessional - Lucy Ruiz
Ext. 558
ESE Specialist - Scott Dryer
Ext. 234
Media Specialist - Nancy Moran
Ext. 247
Reading Specialist - Rosa Hernandez
Ext. 249
School Psychologist - Caroline Valdez
Ext. 253
School Resource Officer - Deputy Rob Stewart
Ext. 227
School Social Worker - Terrell Morrison
Ext. 253
Speech Language Pathlogist - Rebekah Miller
Ext. 235
Technology Resource - Deanny McCall
Ext. 236

6th Grade Teachers
Jessica Bennett, World History
Ext. 507
Stephanie Brown, Language Arts
Ext. 567
Kelly Clem, World History
Ext. 542
Alison Galley, Science
Ext. 512
Judith Galloway, Science
Ext. 545
Tiffany Hughes, Reading
Ext. 505
Robyn Jackson, Math
Ext. 581
Linda Kibler, Language Arts
Ext. 515
Heather Manigold, Reading
Ext. 554
Dawn Polk, Math
Ext. 568
Michelle Pujals, Language Arts
Ext. 533
Norma Rivera-Ramos, Math
Ext. 504
Tracy Riley, Science/AVID
Ext. 523
Cynthia Seamans, Reading
Ext. 501
Roxana Stroz, World History
Ext. 519

7th & 8th Grade Teachers
Jennifer Alexandre, Language Arts/Yearbook
Ext. 522
Karen Baxley, Language Arts
Ext. 506
TBA, Language Arts/Reading
Ext. 577
Kristiane Buehler, Language Arts
Ext. 548
Frank Buehler, Civics
Ext. 528
Keith Carman, Math
Ext. 526
Katherine Casey, Math
Ext. 534
Alton DeClaire, Science
Ext. 556
Teresa Galluzzo, Science
Ext. 551
Rachel Gonnella, Language Arts
Ext. 508
Pam Gordon, Science
Ext. 525
Jeanne C. Harper, Language Arts
Ext. 530
Jenni Hayes, AVID
Ext. 517
Brandi Hutchinson, Reading
Ext. 511
Susan Kale, Science
Ext. 562
Eve Leberson-Curnutte, Civics
Ext. 560
Jessica Lee, Math
Ext. 520
Gary Lentz, History
Ext. 561
Heather McClellan, IPS/Science
Ext. 503
Tania Miller, Algebra/Geometry
Ext. 555
Brandi Mitchell, Language Arts
Ext. 538
Angelica Mora, Reading
Ext. 513
Laurie Schugel, Algebra/Geometry
Ext. 502
Don Scolaro, Math
Ext. 540
Jo Anne Shafer, ESOL
Ext. 549
Christine Shultz, IPS/Science
Ext. 569
Lisa Sieminski, Algebra/Math
Ext. 539
Vicki Truitt, Math
Ext. 536
Chad Vanhoover, History
Ext. 514
Sarah Walker, History
Ext. 537
Tammy Walsh, Reading
Ext. 510
Jonathan Watson, Civics
Ext. 554

Elective Teachers
Kevin Brevik, Physical Education
Ext. 535
Yenisey Diaz, Spanish
Ext. 553
Jennifer Fair, Agriscience
Ext. 524
Holly Gaw, Art
Ext. 521
Mary Goodus, Physical Education
Ext. 251
William Howe, Physical Education
Ext. 550
Jumah Johnson, Business Technology
Ext. 571
Donald Langland, Strings
Ext. 516
Mark Roberts, Technology Education
Ext. 544
Alicia Rodriguez-Smith, Spanish
Ext. 532
Deborah Shenning, Chorus
Ext. 543
Allison Sullenberger, Physical Education
Ext. 251
Michael Vail, Band/Orchestra
Ext. 572
Kelly Williams, Physical Education
Ext. 250

Exceptional Student Education Teachers
Jessica Hinton, History/Math
Ext. 531
Martha Keller, EBD/Science
Ext. 564
Debbi Martinez, Reading/LA/Science
Ext. 518
Robert Pechacek, Civics/Math
Ext. 559
Christina Pfeuffer, Language Arts/Reading
Ext. 541
Devron Robertson, History/Math
 Ext. 527